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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

update facebook status through text Message

Facebook allow every users to update their status using text. It can be text message or multimedia text message. THe content of the message will be the status update. It is convenient way to update status as it fast and require no internet connection. In meantime, anyone will be able to comment on the status update and the people whom update the status using the text will receive messages about the comment. The interaction will continue as the owner of the status update replying the comments. While this services can be great, just make sure to pay attention on the price of every messages which were sent to Facebook server. In many countries it was free but in other places, it may not free at all.

posting facebook status via microwave

Status via Microwave was available in Facebook. It seems peoples become more creative in finding interesting way to keep using facebook. It is really interesting to update the status via microwave. However, the code to update status via Microwave was not created by me nor facebook developer. It was invented by some people in other parts of the world. Creating it was easy but due to privacy policy, the code would not going to be posted here. The link to update status will be written here once people request for it. As for now, it is best to learn many things including how to update our blog via facebook status update. Is it possible? yes it is and you can learn on how to do that in the next post.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


UNIROW ASIA OFFICIAL SITE was previously called as UNIROW ASIA. However, as the domain have been moved to self-hosted word press site, the name of UNIROW ASIA was sent back to the old domain. This domain will only serve the visitors with any information related with blog from unirow asia official site. Arick, the owner of the domain stated if the blogspot version will not going to be deleted or redirected to the new domain. While the decision can lead into trouble and confusion from search engine, he only said that was not big troubles as he only focus on the visitors and not to search engine.

Public News Share, Emulators and Free Quotes (SHAREALLNEWS.COM)

Public News Share, Emulators and Free Quotes (SHAREALLNEWS.COM): is the only real sources of emulator related news. The articles was written from the scratch and supplied with lots of arguments and data to support the opinions. Many news available in the internet but only few of them have been verified and checked for consistency. Share all news dot com is checking and sharing the news with lots of ideas and descriptions. Let's take an example, there are rumor about new PlayStation 3 emulator and there are many people searching for it all over the world. The site check the rumors and then provide the real information about it to the visitors. Many fake news have been verified and many more waiting to be checked. If you need to verify about everything, you may start asking it through comment form.

Unique Photography On the World (UNIROW ASIA)

Unique Photography On the World (UNIROW ASIA): previously redirected to blogspot version and then it was reversed to the stand-alone version of the site. This blog is new creation from Arick to commemorate the awesomeness of the old memories. Many sub domains relies on this blog. While the blog was really informative in providing sources of many scenery, the author itself announce in Facebook if he will change the language used in UNIROW ASIA from English to Indonesian. The decision was based on the request from many people whom didn't fully understand the English. The bad news is many categories will be removed and thus there would be new Indonesian categories. Let's hope the transition will be seamlessly fine and no problems arise from it.


DIARY IRNA DIANA in UNIROW was filled with lots of idea about learning English in local universities. The author was really excited with lots of projects in real life activities and thus made her unable to update the blog really often. As fellow webmaster, I do understand the reasons. However, there are lots of peoples mainly teachers asking her to write more info about English materials. They seems really love with the way she wrote the articles. There is nothing more to write here at this blog about her. You should navigate to her blog by clicking the link above.


TODAY'S NEWS and LATEST TECHNOLOGY is updating the layout of the site. Just take a look on the theme itself is enough. The new look was based on the enhancements from arick's suggestion to make it more SEO friendly. In the past, There are more than hundreds of links in the FrontPage or homepage. While it can be really good, so much links can be measured as spamming. With the new modification on the theme and layout, it is expected that the result will be awesome and many people will love it. However, with lots of categories and links removed, people may find it more difficult to get related info on the sites.